Payton Arrested for Persistent Conduct & OVI


Early Sunday morning deputies from the Logan County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to a home on Kickapoo Path in Lakeview.

Neighbors said that Jon Payton had been playing loud music from his vehicle, honking the horn, and yelling obscenities at them.

Payton had been recently released from jail from an earlier incident involving the same neighbors.

When deputies made contact with Payton, who was inside his home, he turned off the vehicle and its music.

It was obvious to officers that Payton was intoxicated, as his face was flushed, he was slurring his words and he smelled of alcohol.

Deputies warned him that he needed to return to his home and stay there until he sobered up, and if he didn’t do so he would be arrested.

A short time later, the neighbors contacted the Sheriff’s office again saying that Payton was again blaring music from his vehicle.

When authorities went back to the home, the vehicle had been moved and music was once again coming from it.

Payton was placed under arrest for OVI & Persistent Disorderly Conduct.

He was lodged in the Logan County Jail.