Riverside Board of Education lowers school lunch prices


The Riverside Board of Education met in regular session Tuesday evening.

The meeting began with the recognition that the Ohio Hi-Point Career Center needs new instructors to support its record number of accepted students. Board members are working with the school to find opportunities for engineering instruction.

Superintendent Scott Mann gave an update on the school’s construction. All projects are on track to be completed by the school’s start date.

The new playground is almost finished, needing only mulch, asphalt, and concrete.

The new playground

The school has decided to lower breakfast and lunch prices for the 2023-2024 school year. The prices are as follows:

Breakfast: $0.50 for students; $1.25 for adults

Lunch: grades K-4, $1.50; grades 5-12, $1.75; adults, $3.00

À la carte items: extra sandwich and main entrees, $1.50; sides, $0.25; milk, $0.35

Superintendent Scott Mann discusses construction and lowered breakfast and lunch prices:

The board also approved:

  • Two individuals, Rita Zirkle and Breanne Harrington, for completing the 22+ Adult High School Diploma Program
  • The following teachers for after-school discipline monitoring at a rate of $25.00 per hour: Seth Bodenmiller, Kimberly Cotterman, Kasandera Crockett, Nancy Dunham, Stacey Fauley, Lucinda Fleming, Victoria Hess, Adam Huber, Darcie Jenkins, Becky Lentz, Elizabeth Marks, Tim McGill, Haley Meyer, Emilee Perkins, Haley Reschke, Christine Schrage, Jack Switzer, Danielle Turner, Ken Truster, Judith Withrow, and Taylor Wooten
  • The staff handbook for the school year as presented
  • The School Resource Officer Program Memorandum of Understanding for the school year as presented
  • Chromebook Policies and Procedures for the school year as presented
  • The Riverside Gifted Identification Policy and Plan for 2023-2024, for service of students who are gifted, as presented
  • The agreement for the School-to-Work Program for the school year as presented
  • Neola District Bylaws and Policies as presented
  • Minutes for the June 20th meeting
  • June financial reports and paid invoices
  • Severance payout to Dawn Core in the amount of $24,510
  • Invoices and expenditures paid in the amount of $825,732 for the General fund and $559,428 for all other funds, for a total of $1,385,160 for the month of June 2023

Payroll-related expenditures for June were as follows:

Regular payroll: $457,983

Payroll-related: $156,068

Significant or atypical vendor expenditures for June were as follows:

MRESC: $13,938 (various services)

Madison Champaign ESC: $35,922 (Mac-A-Cheek)

H.A. Dorsten: $436,139 (clinic addition)

Houghton Mifflin: $19,204 (school books)

DP&L: $6,476 (electricity)

The next board meeting will take place on August 16th at 6:00 pm.