Russells Point Excited for Pickleball & More Council Details


By: Izik Z. Cox

The Russell’s Point Council met in regular session Monday evening, Mayor Reames was in attendance. Council voted on street sweeping matters, animal waste on property, along with zoning issues. All Resolutions and Ordinances were deemed as a pass for the council to move on.

Mayor Reames, along with the citizens of Russells Point, has been affected by her situation with Cancer. The Mayor rolled into the room with a smile on her face, a positive impact on the room, and an attitude to get business done. Reames mentioned how well she was doing, and how happy she was to be in attendance.

The new Pickleball and Half Basketball Courts were a big topic at Monday night’s conference, this new attraction is in action to bring entertainment to Russell Point’s people. A Pickleball Learning Session is to take place on Saturday, the 7th. Council was in discussion in the decision to weatherize the brand new family bathroom that was installed as well.

Mayor Reams talks about what is happening in the village:

The Russells Point Council meets again on the 16th of October at 7:00 pm