Russells Point man arrested for abduction


The Logan County Sheriff’s Office responded to a domestic violence call Saturday morning.

Deputies were called to a residence in Bellefontaine for a domestic violence situation that occurred in Russells Point.

The victim stated a live-in male assaulted and choked them and restrained them from leaving the residence.

The report states that Ethan Shoffner, 21, of Russells Point, was angry and threatened the victim on several occasions. Shoffner also allegedly held a gun and threatened he was going to shoot people. He also broke the victim’s cell phone.

The victim also said Shoffner was drunk.

The victim stated this went on for a few hours before they could escape and call for help.

After taking a statement from the victim, deputies located Shoffner at a home in Lakeview.

Deputies were permitted in the home and found Shoffner face-down asleep.

Shoffner was placed under arrest.

He denied not allowing the victim to leave the residence. He also admitted to having a couple of beers that evening. He said the victim was antagonizing him. He did admit to breaking the cell phone and said he did get out his gun, but only at the end of the argument and only threatened to harm himself. He said he did not threaten the victim with the gun.

Shoffner was transported to the Logan County Jail and charged with abduction.

The report was sent to the Logan County Prosecutors Office for review and possible additional charges.