Russells Point PD Receives Honor


The Russells Point Police Department was recently named the August 2023 “Agency of the Month” for its outstanding community policing efforts.

In 2018, the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police and the Law Enforcement Foundation formed a new committee named “Community Relations and Engagement” to work with agencies of all sizes and capabilities to highlight the positive work that’s being done around Ohio each and every day.

In 2019, the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police and Law Enforcement Foundation Community Relations and Engagement Committee began a new program named “Sharing Ohio’s Best” to help bring awareness to the amazing work that agencies do all over Ohio to promote positive policing.

The Community Relations and Engagement Committee compiles submissions from agencies and selects one each month to be recognized. Each agency is eligible. Typically, the committee focuses on creativity and how the program impacts the individual community. Recent programs that have been recognized include a teen driving course, programs to help the disabled, and programs focusing on community safety.

The Community Relations and Engagement Committee issued this statement “The Community Relations and Engagement Committee is pleased to recognize the Russells Point Police Department as our August 2023 Agency of the Month for the Sharing Ohio’s Best program. Chief Josef Freyhof and his staff have utilized community members and community assets to organize a solid community policing strategy. Over the last few years, several programs have been created to bring the residents of the Indian Lake area together with his agency. Congratulations Russells Point Police!”

About the Russells Point Police Department Community Relations Program

The Russells Point Police Department is a community-based policing organization that proudly serves the great residents of the Village of Russells Point. Some of their community programs are:

Community Easter Egg Hunt

Thousands of eggs are scattered throughout the municipal building campus. Each church takes several totes and grabs volunteers from their congregation to fill the eggs and then helps to distribute them just in time for the Easter Bunny to arrive. Four separate age group areas allow for children of all ages to search for the treat-filled eggs.

Trunk or Treat

A family oriented trick-or-treat event was held at the Russells Point municipal building parking lot. While many of the community members still prefer door-to-door decorations and treats, many younger generations prefer the safety of the “one-stop shop” for their younger treat seekers. Local churches have folks volunteer to decorate their vehicles and serve treats from their trunks.

Progressive Christmas Dinner

Each local church provides one part of a traditional Christmas meal, and part of a well-known Christmas story. Participants are given a hayride through the village to visit each church. While the Christmas dinner is intended for the youth of Russells Point, the whole family is encouraged to join us for the final stop at the Russells Point Police Department for funnel cakes and a family movie!

Other Community Outreach Programs

  • Safety Town (Dog Bit Prevention, Fire Safety, Gun Safety)

  • Passport to Fishing (Partnership with Ohio Wildlife Officers)

  • Giving Back – Community Clean-Up Day

  • Homecoming Parade

About Russells Point Police Department

The Russells Point Police Department has a long-established community policing philosophy and works daily to build and refine relationships with the community. Over the last several years, each member past and present has been encouraged to break down social barriers, misconceptions, prejudices, and biases by simply getting out and talking with residents young and old. Officers can be found out of their vehicles nearly every day walking through local businesses, and apartment complexes, checking homes for residents on vacation (or seasonal), and visiting the local retirement complex. The day starts with the Chief of Police who selects one of a dozen bus stops throughout the week where multiple Indian Lake students wait as a group. This time is spent making small talk and simply checking in on students from Kindergarten through Graduation. Second shift officers often catch up with students and their parents after school while on bike rides and walk through the local nature trails, as well as school-hosted community events such as family game night.

The Russells Point Police Department has partnered with five area churches to create four quarterly events designed to encourage community engagement and support local growth and networking among neighbors. Officers are on hand in and out of uniform at each event to show off police equipment and vehicles.

About Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police

The Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to continuing professionalism and innovation among police executives in order to assure the continued success of the law enforcement community.  Established in 1928, the Association is a fully staffed organization, offering a broad range of professional, educational, and informational services.

With a mission to enhance our profession through strong leadership, innovative programs, and exemplary services, the Association’s goals are: to serve its members; to increase the public’s understanding of the role police play in maintaining our quality of community life; and to foster improvements in police education, practice, and research. 

About The Law Enforcement Foundation

The Law Enforcement Foundation (LEF) is a 501(c)3 organization established in 1985 by members of the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP).  The mission was created around creating safer communities through the continuing education of law enforcement executives, education to the children of the community through our trained DARE officers, and educating law enforcement on special topics as trends indicate. 

The Law Enforcement Foundation (LEF) is the only entity in Ohio certified to train Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) officers where officers are prepared to educate children and parents about drug abuse prevention, internet safety, bullying, decision-making skills, and personal responsibility.

The Law Enforcement Foundation is also the only entity to provide a three-tiered, executive-level management training for law enforcement, culminating in a Master- level certification in law enforcement management.