Stolen gun recovered in arrest downtown


Officers of the Bellefontaine Police Department observed a male and female walking down the sidewalk heading north on South Main Street, passing Brewfontaine Thursday night around 9:20.

Police recognized the male was Devante Smith, 26, as they have dealt with him previously and knew that he has an active warrant for his arrest. Officers yelled out to Smith. The female, Sierra Costa, 26, turned around, looked, and proceeded to walk north.

Officers caught up with Smith and Costa near Axe Ventura. As officers got to Smith, Costa began taking items off of him, as if she knew he was about to be arrested. When asked, Smith said that he did not have identification. He stated his name was Christopher Durant. Smith kept trying to break away from the officers and kept saying, “I’m not Devante, I’m Christopher Durant!” Costa yelled, “This is illegal! You all are profiling!”

Officers attempted to handcuff Smith and he resisted immediately. He was becoming aggressive and harder to contain.

Costa informed the police that she was going to start recording because what she thought the officers were doing was illegal. She took out her phone, was circling around them, and said that the officers were profiling.

Smith resisted even more and was taken to the ground. He kept trying to reach into his waistband. Assistance was called and several sheriffs from the Logan County Sheriff’s Office arrived on the scene to help secure him.

Costa kept yelling and cursing at officers. Smith said, “What did I do? My name is Christopher Durant.” Sierra yelled, “Devante, stop talking!”

Smith was ordered to stand up, and as he stood, a gold handgun fell from his shorts and hit the ground. Smith stated, “This is not legal!” Smith was escorted to the cruiser and checked for additional weapons and contraband. A wallet with a metal pill container was located in his pants pocket. A holster was also located that was attached to his right thigh with Velcro.

All items were gathered and placed into evidence bags.

Smith was transported to the Logan County Jail.

Costa was informed she was free to leave.

The gun was identified as a Phoenix Arms .22 caliber handgun. The magazine was loaded with eight .22 caliber rounds. The serial number on the gun revealed to police that it was stolen.

Seized from the scene were also two baggies of methamphetamine, eight .22 caliber rounds, two mini butterfly knives, a metal pill container, and an Android phone.

The suspected meth was tested and was positive.

Upon Smith’s arrival at the Logan County Jail, a Paracord bracelet was taken off him, and a knife blade was found hidden inside.

Devante Smith was arrested for having weapons while under disability (felony of the 3rd degree), receiving stolen property (felony of the 4th degree), possession of drugs, schedule I or II Substance (felony of the 5th degree), obstructing official business (felony of the 5th degree), resisting arrest, and probation violation.

This report will be forwarded to the Logan County Prosecutor’s Office.