Triplett arrested again for burglary


Officers from the Bellefontaine Police Department observed Jonathon Triplett, 32, driving northbound on Oakland Square in a white Buick Monday night around 8:00.

Officers were aware that Triplett had a summons to appear in court and attempted to catch up with him. Triplett fled in the vehicle, parked, and went into Community Markets. Employees told officers that he went into the backroom of the store and fled out the back door, continuing westbound.

The registered owner of the vehicle, Carrie Crawford, arrived on the scene. Officers reminded her this was not the first time Triplett had operated her vehicle illegally and then fled from it. Police told Crawford that when they spoke last, she was issued a warning for wrongful entrustment and advised Triplett did not have a valid license and should not be operating her vehicle. She claimed she did not know Triplett had the vehicle.

Officers were advised that Triplett forced entry into 125 West Brown Avenue. The landlord said that there should only be two of the three rooms occupied. The occupants stated they were the only people in their rooms and gave consent to officers to search their rooms. The landlord gave officers permission to search the room that should be vacant.

While speaking with the landlord, Triplett came down the stairs.

Officers were advised additional people were in the third room that was supposed to be vacant. Upon searching, no one else with active warrants or of interest was located.

Triplett claimed he was given permission to enter the residence by a named male. The male stated that he did not give Triplett permission to enter the residence.

Triplett was transported to the Logan County Jail. He was lodged for burglary (felony of the 2nd degree), obstructing official business, and no operator’s license. He was also served his summons.

Crawford was issued a citation for wrongful entrustment.

He was last lodged in the Logan County Jail on August 5.