United Way of Logan County Partners With The Harwood Institute


The United Way of Logan County has partnered with The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation on an initiative designed to produce community-led, community-driven change. The initiative will aid the community in taking action on key issues that matter to people while strengthening Logan County’s civic culture so the community can accelerate and deepen its good work. At the heart of this initiative is the belief that by working together, the people of Logan County can build a shared and hopeful path forward.

Last month, 55 community members came together over two full days to learn the Harwood approach at a Public Innovators Getting Started Lab.  Out of this Lab, three cross-sector action teams were formed to focus on Youth, Health/Mental Health, and Seniors.

With support from The Harwood Institute and United Way of Logan County, the teams are getting in motion by engaging the community through conversations. Each team will use the public knowledge gathered in these conversations to take initial actions rooted in the community’s shared aspirations. Over time, these teams hope to unleash a chain reaction of actions that takes root, grows, and spreads throughout the community like a positive contagion.

“This project is just getting started and anyone with ideas and interest in making an impact for youth, senior citizens, and the overall health of our community is welcome to join us,” said Dave Bezusko, United Way Executive Director.

Orientation sessions are being planned with the next one set for the evening of Thursday, April 11.  Contact Melody Couchman at (937) 592-2886 or [email protected] to reserve your space or learn more.

The initiative started with The Harwood Institute engaging hundreds of leaders and residents across the county. The resulting report, Forging a Bright Future: How Logan County Keeps Building, highlighted the need to strengthen civic capacities, build on existing good work, and address shared challenges.

“Logan County is close-knit, has great schools, and local pride runs deep. Still, the community is dealing with challenges and faces a critical choice: Stay on the current path and potentially stagnate, or get on a more productive path by coming together to forge a bright future. In Logan County, the opportunity is ripe to build on the good while creating new ways to move forward together,” said Rich Harwood, President and Founder of The Harwood Institute. “That’s what this initiative is about.”

The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization based in Bethesda, MD. We equip people, organizations, communities, and networks with the tools to bridge divides, build capacity, and tackle shared challenges. Founded by Rich Harwood in 1988, the Harwood approach of Turning Outward has spread to all 50 states and 40 countries worldwide. Visit www.theharwoodinstitute.org to learn more.

United Way is the philanthropic hub of Logan County. Since 1955, generations of local residents and businesses have made their charitable impact through the United Way. When you give to United Way, you become a part of a long-standing solution that works to positively influence the health, education, and financial stability of every person in Logan County. More than just a fundraiser, United Way collaborates with businesses, non-profits, government, and civic organizations to address the growing needs of the community.