Urbana woman arrested after found passed out in vehicle at the Comfort Inn


Officers from the Bellefontaine Police Department were dispatched to the Comfort Inn on a complaint of a possible intoxicated driver Wednesday morning.

The caller, a front desk employee, stated that a female had gotten drunk in the hotel and went out to her car to leave. The female passed out in the driver’s seat of the vehicle with it running.

Officers attempted to wake the female, but she did not respond.

Police then opened the driver’s door and she woke up. Her speech was inaudible as she was speaking low and slurred. Officers turned the vehicle off and the female got out.

Jean Galeano, 34, was identified.

Galeano stated she did not have a room at the Comfort Inn, but she met a friend who invited her to their room.

She said she drank at the Comfort Inn two and a half hours ago and she was not intoxicated.

Police could smell the odor of alcohol on her.

Galeano said the vehicle belonged to her boyfriend who was in jail. She said she came out of the hotel because she was uncomfortable.

Galeano resisted arrest by pulling away while being handcuffed. She slipped out of the handcuffs the first time she was cuffed. She continued to resist arrest and screamed that the handcuffs were hurting.

She was transported to the Logan County Jail. At the jail, she denied a breath test. She was extremely argumentative and showed a range of emotions.

Galeano was lodged on resisting arrest and having physical control of a vehicle while under the influence.