Woman arrested for meth after tire issue complaint


Officers from the Bellefontaine Police Department were dispatched to the area of Albert Street near Cook Avenue to speak with a reporting party in reference to a trash complaint Friday evening around 5:40.

Upon arrival, officers spoke with the party who advised that Brenda Shields, 50, had put numerous tires on his property. The male reported he had moved the tires back onto her property and then she had moved them back onto his property.

The male said he had issues in the past where he was blamed for trash on his property, however, it did not belong to him as it was being illegally dumped there.

Officers made contact with Shields in a yard of 717 Euclid Street where she was sitting in a vehicle. As officers approached the vehicle, Shields began moving items around inside.

She admitted the tires had been on her trailer in her yard but were moved near the roadway for a known male to pick up. However, the male had not been back to pick up the tires. Shields was asked to move the tires back onto her property, and she did in the officer’s presence.

When officers first made contact with Shields sitting in the vehicle, there was marijuana in plain view on the passenger seat along with rolling papers. After she moved the tires back onto her property, officers asked about the marijuana. Shields admitted it was marijuana and said she smokes to get an appetite.

When asked if there was anything else illegal inside the vehicle, Shields became extremely upset but eventually calmed down.

Shields was asked to exit the vehicle.

Officers conducted a probable cause search of the vehicle and located a bag of methamphetamine in a black bag on the passenger seat. The meth was within her direct possession, reach, and control.

Nothing else illegal was located.

Shields admitted to using meth last week.

She was transported to the Logan County Jail and lodged on possession of methamphetamine.

The meth was field tested and positive.