Beair Lodged for Domestic Violence


Deputies from the Logan County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to a residence outside of Huntsville Sunday afternoon in reference to a domestic situation.

The first caller claimed that the victim invited 15-20 people to “jump him,” at his residence. He claimed that the victim was trying to kick him out and that he had brandished a pellet gun.

The second caller claimed that Nicholas Beair had been on Methamphetamine for 3 days and was hallucinating that people were in the house. He added that Beair had kicked in his bedroom door while he was sleeping, was ranting about things that were not real, and that he was, “Out of his mind.”

Upon arrival at the home, deputies spoke with Beair and he showed many signs of impairment.

Beair was sweating profusely, was pacing back and forth, had trembling hands, and his eyes were glassy with pinpoint pupils.

Beair said that the victim was trying to kick him out of the house and had called over a bunch of people to help get him out. He said that when he was trying to sleep, people kept messing with him and woke him up.

Nicholas also claimed that there were cameras all over the house. When deputies asked to see the footage of them, he said he did not have access to them. He also denied kicking in the victim’s bedroom door.

When speaking with the victim, they stated that Beair had been manic for three days and had not slept. They stated that he had made paranoid claims that someone was trying to kick him out of the house.

Deputies observed fresh kick marks on the victim’s bedroom door frame, making the victim’s story consistent with the evidence.

Beair was placed under arrest for Domestic Violence and lodged in the Logan County Jail.