Belle Center man arrested after waving a gun and threatening neighbor


Deputies from the Logan County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to the 7000 block of North Street Belle Center, twice within 24 hours.

A neighbor reported Garrett Cummings, 32, was trespassing and was asked multiple times to leave the property Tuesday afternoon.

Deputies were told Garrett is on the property several times a day.  On Tuesday, he was asked to leave four times in a twenty-minute span.  They have over 100 surveillance video clips of Garrett coming onto their property.

Deputies questioned Garrett and he stated he wanted to get to know them.

Garrett Cummings was placed under arrest for trespassing with the matter being forwarded to the Bellefontaine Municipal Court.

Early Wednesday morning, just before 1:00, deputies were sent back to the same place for another trespassing complaint.  This time it was Lucas Cummings, 34, who went to a neighbor’s house and brandished a firearm, and said that he was “going to kill them” and that he hoped “their children would die as well.”

Cummings fled the area prior to the deputies’ arrival.

Later, authorities went to Cummings’ residence and spoke with his father. The father said that Cummings was inside the garage. He asked him to come out, and Cummings said that he was not coming out and that his father would have to go in and get him.

The authorities stood outside speaking to Cummings through the closed door. Eventually, he opened the door.

Cummings stood in the doorway and denied going to his neighbor’s house with a gun and said that he doesn’t even have a gun. He eventually exited the garage and was placed under arrest for aggravated menacing.

Lucas Cummings was transported to the Logan County Jail.