Belle Center woman charged with domestic violence


A Belle Center woman was arrested for domestic violence Sunday afternoon just before four o’clock.

The Logan County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a 12-year-old that her dad and step-mom were yelling and pushing each other.

While en route, dispatch advised authorities the male left the scene.

Deputies located the male victim and observed him to have dried blood on his lips.

The male stated the night started off normally.

He looked through his daughter’s phone to check her messages.

The male and Danielle Thornton, 31, talked with the daughter about her mother’s ex-boyfriend messaging her and they all agreed that he should not be messaging her anymore.

The male thought the conversation was over, but Thornton began to escalate the situation.

Thornton began flipping off the daughter. When the male asked about it, she denied it.

The male then witnessed Thornton give the 12-year-old the middle finger.

He told Thornton he had a serious problem with that and they would discuss her future in the household.

Thornton then started to kick the male while he sat on the end of the bed.

He got up and started out of the room. Thornton followed him and started attacking him for approximately 10-15 minutes.

She ripped hair out of the male’s head, bit his lip, and tried to hit him while he was crouched down to protect himself.

During the altercation, the 12-year-old daughter was yelling at Thornton to stop.

When the male got out of the residence, Thornton followed him outside for about half a block.

Authorities spoke with the daughter and her story matched her dad’s.

She also showed deputies a video of the altercation.

Authorities went to speak with Thornton and observed hair hanging from her clothing that matched the male’s.

Thornton said she just snapped and did not deny being the physical aggressor in the situation.

She was placed under arrest for domestic violence and was lodged in the Logan County Jail.