Bellefontaine Police Department’s Driving Simulators Back in Action


Thanks to many groups and organizations throughout the community, The Bellefontaine Police Department’s two driving simulators are back in action.

After the programs were outdated, the simulators were removed from service in January of 2023.

To replace the computers and screens, would cost up to $10,500 and that just was not in the BPD’s budget.

But that didn’t stop Chief Chris Marlow, Lieutenant Scott Marlow, and Officer Doug Walters from trying to get them back in working order.

They began speaking with the city, clubs, and community members about fixing the simulators.

After several months, BPD received multiple donations, along with a grant from United Way to be able to upgrade the simulators.

They now are back in action and include:

  • New computers
  • New screens
  • Programs that simulate impaired driving
  • Texting and driving simulation to show the dangers of distracted driving
  • A CDL program that can be used for businesses for continued professional development training
  • Quizzes
  • Court procedure, jail intake, crash, and medical simulations

The updated driving simulators will provide opportunities to reach students, businesses, and community events.

One simulator will be kept at Bellefontaine High School and used daily.