Boil Advisory lifted for Bellefontaine residences


*The Boil Advisory has been lifted for the affected area. Allow water to run and clear up if water is discolored or cloudy.

Due to a water main repair, a boil advisory has been issued for some addresses in Bellefontaine.

These addresses include:

Organ Street: 220, 228, 229

Terrence Drive: 196, 209, 200, 220, 221, 233, 257, 268, 269, 184

All of Highview Drive

Eastern Avenue: 909, 913, 916, 917, 919, 1013

Please boil water for at least five minutes before consumption. Allow water to run and clear up if it’s discolored or cloudy.

The City of Bellefontaine Water Department will notify us when the advisory has been lifted.