Carter Charged After Stealing Ex-Boyfriends Vehicle


Friday evening, Logan County Sheriff Deputies were dispatched to a property in Lakeview after a man called and reported that his ex-girlfriend stole his vehicle.

The victim reported that while he was working at a construction site, Ashly Carter 39 of Russells Point, came up to him and swung something at him, and then took off in his 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe.

While describing the vehicle to authorities, Carter called the victim.

While on the phone with Cater, deputies informed her that she needed to return to the scene immediately, however, she refused.

Just after 10 PM, the victim called and told dispatch that Carter had returned to the scene.

While deputies were en route, the victim called dispatch again saying Carter left again in his vehicle.

Carter was found by authorities at the Clark gas station in Lakeview, where she was detained inside a vehicle.

She refused to step out of the vehicle and was pulled from it by authorities.

Carter was then handcuffed at transported to the Logan County Jail where she was charged with Resisting Arrest, Theft of a Vehicle, and Robbery.