Cincinnati woman arrested for OVI after striking a parked vehicle at Acheson’s


Deputies from the Logan County Sheriff’s Office were working on a special duty assignment at Froggy’s Bar in Lakeview and asked for a unit to come handle a hit-skip crash Sunday morning around 12:40.

Hannah Johnson, 26, was driving a white Ram pickup truck and struck a parked vehicle near Acheson’s Resort before driving to Froggy’s. Four witnesses approached the deputy and provided them with written statements.

Johnson was under the influence as she had a moderate odor of an alcoholic beverage while speaking with authorities. Her eyes were glassy and her speech was somewhat slurred. She also had trouble forming complete sentences or making logical statements at times.

When asked what happened, Johnson said she was under her truck and needed help getting out. She gestured towards the group of witnesses and stated they helped her get out, but then it became physical. She then said again the witnesses helped her out from under her truck, but stated it went further. She said a guy chased her to her truck and said, “I know you ain’t running to your truck.” Johnson didn’t know what he was thinking and stated that she had been in violent situations before.

When asked how much she had been drinking, she said she had at least six High Noons over a period of hours.

She agreed to perform field sobriety tests and failed.

Johnson was placed under arrest for OVI.

Deputies went to an Acheson’s Resort cottage where witnesses stated Johnson struck the parked vehicle. There was damage to the driver’s side with white paint transfer, as well as damage to the rear driver’s side corner, including the tail light assembly. The woman’s car was parked in front of her cottage alongside the gravel lane that meets the parking lot for Acheson’s.

Johnson was transported to the Logan County Jail. She agreed to a breath test. Her results yielded a BAC of .166, just over two times the legal limit.

While at the jail, Johnson fell asleep several times while staff were attempting to administer the breath test. She also had moderate difficulty following instructions during the breath test and cursed at the staff.

Johnson was placed under an administrative license suspension and her license was seized.

Johnson was cited for OVI, OVI with a BAC over .08%, and failure to control.