DeGraff Village Council hears about new fire and EMS district plans


The DeGraff Village Council met in regular session Monday night.

In Village Administrator Ken McAlexander’s report, he noted that street work is progressing and will be completed in a timely manner.

Police Chief Terry Brentlinger informed the council that all village-owned radios will need to be reprogrammed by 2025 in order to remain in working order. The reprogramming will be bid out and is expected to cost $400 per radio. The police department has four radios and the fire department has ten. He wanted to let the council know so the reprogramming could be budgeted for.

Fire Chief Greg Beatty informed the council that work is being done to ensure the village and surrounding area is covered with ambulance services. He has been in contact with Riverside EMS and it is their desire to remain open, but it will require funding to do so. To that end, talks are progressing to form a new district, comprised of the villages of DeGraff and Quincy as well as Miami and Pleasant Townships.

Riverside has estimated that if each entity commits to $5,000 each and their yearly insurance cost of $10,000 can be covered, Riverside will be able to continue operations. Beatty expressed confidence that the new district plan will come about:  

In other council action, Finance Officer Kassandra Staley told the council that her office is still waiting on three grants to be released to the village. The grants, from FEMA, for traffic light upgrades, and for the police department, are for necessary equipment upgrades and are expected shortly.