Domestic dispute leads to multiple charges


Bellefontaine Police responded to a domestic violence call Monday morning just before 1:00.

Police were sent to Pratt Street in Bellefontaine where a female victim reported that Tim Tewksbury shoved her on multiple occasions during an argument.

The victim said that Tewksbury threw a bag of tobacco at her face and shoved her multiple times. When she attempted to leave, Tewksbury followed her outside, grabbed her, and shoved her again. That’s when she called for help.

When officers arrived Tewksbury was gone. They collected statements from the victim and other witnesses.

Tewksbury then called the police and told them he did nothing wrong. Officers told him they just wanted to talk and he hung up.

A short time later, BPD drove by the residence again and noticed the victim was outside trying to regain entry and couldn’t. Tewksbury had returned and locked her out.

Police arrived and Tewksbury came outside. Police asked him to step down to their cruiser multiple times, but he refused. He continued yelling at the victim.

Tewksbury then started talking to officers and wouldn’t let them speak. He attempted to walk away, and the officers grabbed Tewksbury and told him he was under arrest for domestic violence.

As he was being handcuffed, Tewksbury reared back and threw his head into the hood of the police cruiser leaving a dent. He then refused to be put inside the cruiser.

Once Tewksbury was finally placed inside, he was transported to jail.

While en route Tewksbury started banging his head against the cruiser cage wall and stomping his foot on the cruiser floor.

At the jail, he continued his belligerent behavior. He was rude to jail staff and was hitting walls with an open hand.

A crack pipe was found in his coat pocket.

Tewksbury was charged with domestic violence, vandalism (denting the police cruiser), and resisting arrest.

Another charge of possession of drug abuse instruments was suggested by officers in the report.