High school teen arrested for assault


A Bellefontaine High School student was arrested for assault Tuesday.

School administration, along with the school resource officer, was made aware of an ongoing dispute between Hannah Nye, 15, and the female victim.

During lunch, High School Principal Cliff Core and the SRO separated the two females before a fight ensued.

Core observed Nye moving around, told her to take a seat, and turned his attention to another student.

The SRO was in the lower part of the cafeteria when the fight began. Shortly after, a fight took place.

Nye ran away from the scene as authorities went to break up the altercation.

Officers observed the victim bleeding from above her left eye and she had multiple scratches around her neck area.

The SRO began walking the victim to the nurse’s office when he observed Core struggling with Nye.

She was told she was either going to the office with Mr. Core or she would be placed in handcuffs.

Nye laughed and said she was not going to the office. She attempted to walk between Core and the SRO.

They detained her and she was taken to the office, where she admitted to throwing the first punch.

Officials viewed the security footage and saw Nye approach the victim and begin the fight, taking the victim to the floor.

Nye was taken to the Central Ohio Youth Center in Marysville. She was charged with assault and persistent disorderly conduct.