Huntsville man arrested for Domestic Violence after a physical altercation with wife


Authorities from the Logan County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to the 6500 block of Findlay Street in reference to a domestic violence call Sunday morning around 1:50.

The caller advised that Mason Diener, 25, was being violent and had been drinking.

Deputies spoke with the female victim and said as Diener walked past her to go outside, he shoulder bumped her, knocking her off balance. She was in the kitchen doing dishes and went outside to confront Diener about putting a hole in the wall of their house. She said they started to argue and things got physical as they pushed each other. The female hit Diener, and then he grabbed her and put her on the ground.

The female sustained an injury to her right shin. He also placed his hand on her face, causing a small mark.

A witness said that she had been giving marriage advice to them, and Diener was getting angry about it and would not calm down.

Diener was placed under arrest for Domestic Violence. In the patrol car, he became very agitated and changed the story of what happened.

At the jail, deputies could see a small scratch on the back of his right arm.

The female was given a summons.

Both were charged with Domestic Violence.