Indian Lake Discusses Solar Eclipse


Thursday, Indian Lake business owners, managers, police, and other leaders met with Logan County EMA Director, Helen Norris and Indian Lake Chamber’s, Amber Fagan. The topic of discussion was the Total Solar Eclipse that is set to take place on April 8th, 2024.

Norris reports that Logan County is in the path of totality for the eclipse and that her agency anticipates that the population will double or triple in the county. Folks from all over are expected to flock to Logan County, and surrounding counties, to experience the phenomenon that will last approximately 4 minutes.

Norris informed the group of several things:

  • Cell phone service will be spotty due to the heavy demand
  • Credit card services will likely be slowed or down completely due to the lack of connectivity
  • Schools will operate online/not be in session that day
  • Traffic is expected to be heavy
  • After the event, traffic will return to normal within 24 hours
  • Several events around the county are planned to celebrate the event

Restaurants are encouraged to offer simplified menus/buffets to help simplify things. They are also asked to order extra supplies/food to be able to accommodate the crowds. The same is encouraged for retail stores and grocers.

Businesses/groups are encouraged to communicate their events with their local chamber so that the EMA and county security can be aware of what is happening.

The EMA has created an easy way for Logan County Residents to stay informed on Solar Eclipse information and emergency alerts. Just text: locoeclipse to 618-589-1337 to sign up.

The EMA, emergency services, and local law enforcement agencies have been working together for months to prepare a plan for the influx of visitors. The group plans to do an emergency response exercise in early November to practice emergency routes around the county. Russells Point Police Chief Joe Freyhof told the group that it would be a good idea for families to practice their emergency safety plans, and also come up with a backup to the backup plan. It is likely that parents will not be able to communicate with their children via cell phone, so an “old school” plan would be best. Indian Lake will observe the same traffic pattern flow that they do for the annual July fireworks display.

Norris wrapped up the meeting telling attendees that having a plan in place will help the county be prepared for the visitor influx and all the possible issues that may come with so many visitors.

More information will be coming out about events and plans around the county, in the coming months.