Indian Lake Fireworks Details; Traffic Advisory


Indian Lake will be the place to be on Saturday.

The 2023 Indian Lake Fireworks show is set to begin with single shots going up every 10 minutes starting at 9 PM, and the full show to start at 10 PM.

The show is put together by Rozzi Fireworks in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Be sure to tune in to 98.3 WPKO to listen to the perfectly choreographed show to go along with each shot.   

Indian Lake Chamber of Commerce President Amber Fagan gives complete details:


The launch site for the show is the South Bank of Indian Lake from the Midway parking lot on State Route 366 (near Township Road 239) and includes the Bike Path east to Paradise Point. Fireworks will also be set off from the same area, out on the water, on barges. 

If you are watching the show from land: the Old Field Beach parking lot will be open on Saturday until the parking lot is full. When the parking lot reaches capacity the beach will remain CLOSED to additional vehicles. 

The Indian Lake State Park is allowing overflow parking in the grass only along the west and south bank (until the safety zone). Vehicles must be off the roadway. No motorized vehicles on the bike path. Overflow vehicle parking is only permitted between the road and the bike path. Do not drive vehicles over the bike path into the area between the bike path and the lake. This area is for fireworks viewing and not for vehicles. Set up tents in the grass and not on the bike path. Please keep the bike path clear.

If you are watching the show by water: the Boaters Safety Zone area will be marked with orange buoys on Saturday and will extend out from the south shore into the open water to provide for the required safety zone. Boaters, plan ahead to avoid areas of vegetation. Ensure your vessel has navigation lights that are in working order. Use navigation lights and not docking lights.

According to the Russells Point Police Department, there will be no access to Main Street from US 33, immediately following the Indian Lake fireworks display, including the side streets of Burkhart, Warren, Clermont, Chase, and Orchard Island Road.

These routes are for the safety of all motorists since the crossover sections can only handle a couple of vehicles before blocking intersections and obstructing traffic flow. Main Street can be accessed by taking US 33 to Township Road 94 and turning left (West) and coming back into town.

If you are leaving Orchard Island, the most efficient route will be to turn left (East) at Main Street and head out of town to Township Road 94. From there traffic can reach US 33, or State Route 274.

It is advised that traffic will be heavy at times.