Jeanneret & Cooper Arrested After Sunday Crash


Sunday evening Washington Township officers were on patrol on State Route 274 when they saw a vehicle being driven by Steven Jeanneret of Huntsville.

Officers knew that Jeanneret did not have a valid driver’s license and attempted to conduct a traffic stop.

Jeanneret did not stop for officers and attempted to flee going upwards of 90 plus MPH and running the stop light at the intersection of State Route 274 and State Route 235.

He then passed two vehicles and attempted to make a turn onto County Road 21.

Due to his speed, he failed to slow down enough for the turn and lost control of his vehicle hitting the ditch and then striking a telephone pole.

Jeanneret attempted to accelerate out of the ditch but was unable to due to damage to his vehicle.

Officers observed movement inside the vehicle.

The passenger side window rolled down and Jeanneret was now in the passenger seat and Kyle Cooper, 31 of Huntsville was in the driver’s seat.

Both men were ordered to get out of the vehicle.

Once outside of the vehicle, Jeanneret was uncooperative and attempted to run.

He was advised K9 Bruno would be sent to apprehend him if he did not stop.

Jeanneret quickly complied.

Additional Officers and Deputies from the Logan County Sheriff’s Office arrived on the scene, and both men were taken into custody.

Jeanneret was charged with failure to comply and obstruction of official business.

Cooper was charged with complicity to failure to comply and obstruction of official business.

Both men were lodged in the Logan County Jail.