Kenton man arrested on felony drug charge

A Kenton man was arrested on a felony drug charge Tuesday night.

Bellefontaine Police were clearing a call at the Heritage Court Apartment Complex and observed a male carrying property out of the building and putting it into a gray Dodge Durango.

When the male, later identified as Jason Wyomic, 39, observed officers in the building, his behavior changed and he hid his face.

As authorities walked out to their patrol cars, Wyomic quickly entered the SUV and pulled away.

A registration check was run on the vehicle and officers learned the tag returned to a red Ford.

Authorities made contact with Wyomic and advised him the tags on his vehicle were fictitious.

He claimed he had just purchased the vehicle and was aware of the tags.

It was also confirmed Wyomic was a suspended driver and did not possess a valid license.

He told officers that he and his wife were just kicked out of the apartment they were seen leaving.

Wyomic was asked if he had anything illegal on him. At first, he stated no, but then admitted he may have “ice” on him.

Officers located a bag of suspected methamphetamine on Wyomic.

He was placed under arrest.

His wife told authorities there was nothing else illegal inside the vehicle and a probable cause search confirmed her statement.

Wyomic was transported to the Logan County Jail.

He was charged with felony possession of drugs.

The suspected meth was field tested and a positive result was returned.