Kenton man arrested on felony drug charge


A Kenton man was arrested on a felony drug charge just after 12:30 Friday afternoon near downtown.

Bellefontaine Police observed a suspicious vehicle enter the back parking lot of Costin Family Practice, sit in the parking lot for several minutes, and then leave. The vehicle went across the street to a residence and sat for several minutes before backing out.

Officers pulled behind the vehicle and it immediately went back into the doctor’s office parking lot.

The male driver, Devin Pettit, 20, exited and attempted to distance himself from the vehicle.

Authorities asked for Pettit’s identification and he refused. After a second request, he gave his identification to the officers.

Pettit immediately stated he did not have a driver’s license or any warrants.

He refused to take his hands out of his pockets. Officers placed him against the vehicle and were able to retrieve a baggy containing a white substance, suspected to be crack.

Pettit continued to tense up and resist, using his body to push off the vehicle.

Authorities physically placed him on the ground and detained him.

During the struggle, a metal pipe fell off Pettit.

A second small baggy was recovered that contained an off-white substance, suspected to be fentanyl.

Pettit was transported and lodged in the Logan County Jail for possession of drugs, possession of cocaine, and resisting arrest.

The suspected crack showed a positive NIK test and will be sent to the lab, along with the suspected fentanyl, for further testing.

The report was sent to the Logan County Prosecutor’s Office for their review.