Malec Lodged for Disorderly Conduct After Acting Erratically; Suspected Drug use


Deputies from the Logan County Sheriff’s Office were called to a Lakeview residence when EMTs requested their assistance, early Thursday morning.

Medics believed that Christina Malec was possibly having a mental episode and was under the influence of drugs.

When authorities attempted to speak with Malec, she didn’t respond to questions.

Malec appeared to be attempting to catch invisible objects and made a comment about how pretty the flowers were when she was looking at the grass.

A witness said she had been smoking from a vape pen for several days and had been displaying the same types of behavior.

The vape pen was taken as evidence.

Malec then fell on all fours in the roadway at the residence and made grunting noise while hitting the pavement with her hands.

Deputies placed Malec under arrest for Public intoxication.

Malec continued her odd behavior and made noises along the way to the Logan County Jail where she was lodged for Disorderly Conduct.