Man Attacked with Pipe Sunday


Sunday afternoon, Bellefontaine Police were called to 500 Gunntown Road when a caller reported two men were in a fight, and one man was using a pipe to hit the other.

While en route to the scene, as they pulled onto Gunntown Road from Main Street, an officer saw a man waving his arm out the window of a car and pointing to the vehicle in front of him.

Officers turned around and followed the two vehicles into the Kroger parking lot, where they stopped.

Police spoke with the victim.

He told officers that he had gone to see his mother and met Charles Girardin, 28, of Urbana, in the parking lot.

Girardin began yelling at the victim and hit him four times with a metal pipe from a floor jack.

Witnesses confirmed the victim’s story.

Girardin was placed under arrest for felonious assault and lodged in the Logan County Jail.