Mechanicsburg juvenile arrested for disorderly conduct while in the hospital


A Mechanicsburg juvenile was arrested Sunday afternoon around 4:30 after causing a major disruption in the Mary Rutan Hospital ER.

The Bellefontaine Police reports that Connor Perdue, 17, was in the ambulance with the Bellefontaine Fire Department medics. He admitted that he had been drinking all day with “buddies” in Springfield and was dropped off at his cousin’s house on Lawrence Street.

Officials were informed that he was only wearing underwear and had scratches all over his body when he was dropped off. When asked what happened to Perdue, he said “bad life choices” and repeated that response to other questions.

He was taken to Mary Rutan Hospital by medics for the scratches and intoxication.

As Perdue was taken into the ER, he became agitated and wanted to talk to his mother. The medics and police had to restrain Perdue to the cot to get him into a room. He was very belligerent with the ER staff and refused to quiet down and stop yelling profanities.

Perdue admitted to drinking a bottle of Vodka.

The juvenile then threatened the ER staff and removed his equipment/EKG leads. Because of his belligerence, he caused a large issue in the ER that kept staff from performing their duties for other patients.

He was placed under arrest.

Perdue was transported to the Central Ohio Youth Center in Marysville and lodged for persistent disorderly conduct and underage consumption.