Moist Charged With Domestic Violence


Douglas Moist, of Bellefontaine, was arrested after an incident Monday evening.

Officers from the Bellefontaine Police Department were dispatched to a domestic dispute between Moist and a victim.

The victim stated that Moist asked for money out of their bank account and that they had denied his request.

When they did not give him the money, he became violent, busting a bedroom door and breaking it into several pieces.

The victim told officers that Moist had pushed and shoved her, hitting her in the chest as well.

He then scattered many of her belongings around the bedroom.

Moist also hit a dog several times.

The victim stated that he drinks alcohol, and he is often violent and upset about money.

They went on to explain that Moist’s paychecks are deposited into their joint account, they pay bills with that money, and that is why they would not give him any cash.

Moist was arrested and transported to the Logan County Jail for Domestic Violence charges.