Naked four-year-old gets loose; mother cited for endangering children


A Bellefontaine mother was cited for child endangerment after her four-year-old son got out of the house and stabbed car tires.

Bellefontaine Police were called out to Heritage Drive regarding a juvenile complaint.

Upon arrival, officers were shown security footage of a naked four-year-old running around in the parking lot with a steak knife and stabbing the resident’s car tires.

A witness saw the child outside and took the knife away. He also took the boy home to his mother, Macy Slatten, 22.

When the witness got to the apartment, he noticed the door was open.

After several attempts of calling out to Slatten, she came to the door and claimed she had been in the shower.

The witness noticed a flat tire on a resident’s vehicle.

Slatten told officers she did not know her son left the apartment until he was brought back.

She was cited for endangering children.