Newkirk Charged with OVI


By: Alli Harlan


Bellefontaine Police Officers were on patrol Tuesday night and they saw a Chevy truck driving Southbound on Main Street.

The driver, later identified as Charles Newkirk III, had his hood up and appeared to try to hide his face.

They followed the truck and Newkirk sped up to gain distance away from the officers.

Newkirk turned into an ally at high speed and didn’t use a turn signal.

Officers then initiated a traffic stop.

Officers noticed that Newkirk had bloodshot and glassy eyes and they could smell alcohol.

After Newkirk failed several field sobriety tests, he was then placed under arrest and transported to the Bellefontaine Police Department.

At the police department, he blew a BAC over the legal limit.

Newkirk was charged with OVI, OVI-Breath, and No Turn Signal.

He was released to a sober driver.