Oakley Booked for Felony Domestic Violence


Daniel Oakley, of Lakeview, was booked into the Logan County Jail early Monday morning for Felonious Domestic Violence.

A caller dialed 911 stating that she had received a text message from her daughter asking her to call authorities.

While doing a welfare check in the 400 block of Union Street in Lakeview, deputies made contact with Oakley.

He stated that everything was fine and that his girlfriend was also in the home.

The victim then came from the back of the house and appeared to be scared.

She went outside and told officers that she and Oakley had been arguing when he became physical and choked her.

Deputies observed marks on the victim’s neck that resembled where fingers and pressure had been applied.

When Oakley was asked why the victim would say that he choked her, he denied that he had touched her.

Oakley was then placed under arrest and told deputies that he was already dealing with the court for a prior domestic.

Deputies asked if Oakley was aware that the victim was pregnant, and he said he was.

He was transported to the Logan County Jail.