Russells Point Council Recap


The Russells Point Village Council met Monday night.

Mayor Robin Reames reported to the council that the Mayor’s Court collected $1850 in fines during the month of October. She said that $1245 was collected from waivers paid for moving violations and $60 was from Bellefontaine Municipal Court for fines collected by that agency.

One ordinance received its third and final reading. It concerned an ordinance that deals with noxious odors from pet waste. At a previous meeting, it was proposed the ordinance be amended to include pet waste on private property. Mayor Reames reminded the council that the noxious odor ordinance already exists. The change was proposed to include the waste of pets including cats.

Council member John Huffman proposed that cats be stricken from the ordinance. After a brief discussion, the ordinance was adopted as amended.

The council also approved a resolution to accept a bid to replace water meters in the village. The council waived the required three-reading rule prior to its adoption.

Mayor Reames told council that she recently met with individuals who were involved in the weed remediation this past summer. The scientists from the ODNR were pleased with the efforts and that everything that was set out to be accomplished had been. She also said that the ODNR has a plan in place to stay on top of the weed issue in 2024.

Council member Huffman told the council that he noticed a large number of signs that were appearing in the village and he was concerned that they would become a nuisance. Mayor Reames said that the placing of signs is regulated by ordinance and if any council member sees a sign that violates the ordinance, they are authorized to remove the sin and bring it to the village building where it will be kept.

There was also a discussion about the increasing number of ‘tiny homes’ that are appearing in the village limits. Council member Greg Iiams found that while there is no ironclad definition of a tiny home as far as the State of Ohio is concerned, it is generally accepted that tiny homes are less than 500 square feet. The ordinances currently on the books show the smallest size residential structure is 800 square feet. Council was advised that zoning issues may present themselves in the spring and they will need to address the issue when it does.

The next Russells Point Village Council meeting will be Monday, November 20, 2023 at 7:00 PM.