Russells Point Police Department Makes Personnel Changes


The Russells Point Police Department made some big changes this last week.

The changes took effect at the Monday evening village council meeting.

Chief Joe Freyhof promoted Officer Morgan Styles to Sergeant.

“It is my pleasure to announce the promotion of Officer Morgan Styles to Sergeant.  Officer Styles began his law enforcement career in Anna, Ohio in 2021 and came to us in February of 2022. During his time here he has completed all continuing professional training requirements for each year and gone above and beyond by taking additional classes such as Advanced Criminal Investigations, Advanced Traffic Stops, Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement, and Advanced Investigative Methods & Case Management to name a few.  Officer Styles has been recognized by the public on multiple occasions with written letters of gratitude added to his file.  In October of 2022, he was recognized with a Crisis Intervention Team Award.  Over the past several years Officer Styles has stepped up to help the Village of Russells Point and the Police Department nearly every time assistance has been requested.  This includes shift coverage, community events, work with inmates, and critical incident response.  Most recently, Officer Styles worked tirelessly during the March 14 tornado crisis stabilization, and now as we work through the recovery process.” Chief Freyhof said in a statement.

Russells Point then swore in a new police officer, Branden Puckett, who hails from Spencerville, Ohio.

Chief Freyhof said at the Monday meeting, “Branden worked at the Allen County Jail for 2 Years and successfully completed the Allen County Corrections Academy and received his OPOTA Corrections Certification.  He later joined the Wright State University (Lake Campus) Police Academy where he worked to complete a 9-month police academy. Branden was recruited late last year after the Village of Russells Point was awarded a $12,705.00 Law Enforcement Recruitment Grant.  His January 26, 2024, conditional offer required his successful completion of all parts of the police academy and he will remain with us for two years as a condition of his employment. The hiring process required two separate interviews, an interview with the mayor, as well as an extensive background check which includes past employer and personal references.  We expect him to complete a field training packet of up to three months of additional training before being assigned to a permanent shift. Branden has always had a passion for law enforcement and has proven himself as an up-and-coming law enforcement professional.  He wants to help people in difficult times and to help the community with anything he can. He’s excited to see the village continue to grow.”

Officer Nicholas Jarman received Military Honors.

In a statement, Chief Freyhoff said, “SSG Jarman/Officer Jarman was selected to compete for best warrior/squad. During this competition, Jarman was tasked with challenges both mentally and physically demanding. Some of these challenges were as follows: A U.S. Army ACFT (physical fitness test), a land navigation course, a 100-meter swim in full uniform followed by treading water until the uniform is taken off and thrown out the pool followed by going down approx. 15 feet to retrieve an m4 magazine in under 4 minutes, weapons disassembly and reassembly for time, weapons shooting qualifications, written exams, and many more tasks. Jarman won for his brigade and went on to win for the command with over 14,000 people within that command. Jarman along with four other command members were assembled to create the best squad to face other winning command teams throughout the army later this year. Jarman was selected to compete for his expert soldiers’ badge which without a doubt will be his toughest challenge yet as this course has a high turnover rate. Jarman will not only do these tasks listed about but many more.  Our department is proud to support our active and veteran military service members.”