Smith, Cook named West Liberty-Salem seniors of the month


West Liberty-Salem recently named its seniors of the month.

Name: Makenna Smith

Parents: Marc and Molly Smith

School Activities and Awards: Volleyball, Golf, National Honor Society, Key Club, Spanish Club, Calc Club, Physics Club, Link Crew, Student Helper, and Logan County Youth United Way.

If I were principal for a day: If I were principal for a day I would invite the Shriners with their tiny cars and tiny mopeds to ride up and down the halls for fun.

Favorite school memory: My favorite school memory is going to all the high school football games and cheering on the team with all my friends.

People who have been an inspiration to me include: My parents, sister, and my grandpa Fairchild because they have all shaped me into the person I am today. They have taught me how to be kind, respectful, and honest. They have all led by the example of what being a hard worker and a good person looks like. They inspire me to be a better person every day. I am extremely thankful to have them in my life and to have the chance to learn from them.

Lately, I have been reading: Hamlet, not by choice, but for my English class.

My advice to parents: My advice to parents would be to let kids make mistakes. You can’t protect kids from everything. Mistakes are necessary for kids to learn.

My biggest regret: My biggest regret is not studying hard enough for my last physics test. I didn’t do great on that one.

Next year I will be: Next year I will be attending the University of Cincinnati to study Biomedical Engineering.

Name: Evan Cook

Parents: Dayla Thompson and Bert Cook

School Activities and Awards: I play football, I do Track and Field, and I do Musical and Show Choir. I have won the White Tiger Award, I was First team all-OHC for football, and I was on the all-area football team. I was also in the OHC Fine Arts Festival for two years and won the most outstanding junior award in the choir.

If I were the principal for a day: I would give the Seniors a field trip to the park, so they can relax and just have fun for one day.

Favorite school memory: Elementary Track and Field day

People who have been an inspiration to me include: Paul Waibel because he made me feel comfortable with my singing in choir, and he is the main reason why I even did Musical in the first place. He has inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and experience new things. Thanks, homie.

Lately, I have been reading: Hamlet, because I have to for English class.

My advice to parents: Don’t be super strict, but don’t be super laid back either. Find a happy medium between the two.

My biggest regret: Not joining Musical sooner.

Next year I will be: Starting my plumbing apprenticeship with Brian Hughes.