Suspicious vehicle activity leads to two felony drug arrests


Bellefontaine Police arrested a driver and passenger on felony drug charges early Wednesday morning.

Officers observed suspicious vehicle activity after they followed a van that was first witnessed sitting stationary along Powell Avenue.

A traffic stop was conducted in the parking lot of VFW Lodge.

Authorities identified the driver as Billie Orich, 37, of Kenton. The passenger gave officers a false name and social security number. The passenger was recognized as Philip Wallace, 38, at large, whom officers have had previous interactions with.

The social security number given by Wallace came back to a family member. The correct name and information were put into the system and authorities learned Wallace had an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

Orich gave officers consent to search the vehicle.

Billie Orich

Authorities located a glass light bulb in the center console. The bulb was coated with a hazy film on the inside and had a hole in the side of it consistent with smoking methamphetamine. A glass “bubble” pipe was also recovered which contained a hazy film and burn marks. Officers also found a book bag between the front seats with feminine products, a rubber container containing meth, and a brown glass vile containing an unknown white powder. Multiple clear plastic baggies were found along with a shortened snorting straw, a black digital scale, and a metal scraper rod.

Wallace and Orich were placed under arrest.

The meth was field tested and a positive result was returned.

Wallace was charged with felony identity fraud, felony possession of methamphetamine, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Orich was charged with felony possession of meth, obstructing official business, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

They were both lodged in the Logan County Jail.