Tornado Debris Operations to End Soon


Logan County support for Tornado debris removal and disposal will end in the near future for those areas in Logan County impacted by the March 14 Tornado.

All debris needs to be placed curbside by no later than Tuesday, May 28th for curbside pickup.

Areas in the main path of the tornado will be picked up using a single pass through the neighborhood during the week of May 28th through May 31st.

Residents with tornado debris to be picked up and living outside of the primary impact area should call the Solid Waste District at 937-599-1253 by close of business on May 28th to report the address where pickup is needed.

Do not place your normal garbage curbside.

Separate woody debris from construction and demolition (C&D), household belongings, and paint/hazardous chemicals.

Please see the above 6-way sort information provided by the Logan County Solid Waste District.