Russells Point Council Votes to Temporarily Waive Fees


The Russells Point Village Council approved a new logo at Monday’s meeting. The logo, designed by Councilwoman Joan Maxwell, features the familiar Sandy Beach Bridge.

In the Mayor’s Court report, the village received $1045.00 in revenue for March. $733.00 was collected in fines and waivers, $300.00 was sent to the State Treasurer, and $12.00 to the Logan County Auditor.

Numerous ordinances were adopted, most of which directly related to issues resulting from the recent tornado:

  • Ordinance 24-1225, which allowed for a tax distribution to the Indian Lake Visitor’s Bureau;
  • Ordinance 24-1228, which allowed for a new fund in the village budget for emergency response;
  • Ordinance 24-1229, which allowed for the advance of monies from the general fund to the emergency response fund;
  • Ordinance 24-1230, which addressed supplemental appropriation and amended the already approved permanent appropriations;
  • Ordinance 24-1231, which allowed for the waiving of certain fees directly related to storm damage, including demolition, rebuilding, and repairing storm damage;
  • Ordinance 24-1232, which temporarily amends the village overtime and compensatory time statutes, which would permit village employees to be paid for all the overtime they worked during the storm recovery instead of being forced to take the time as compensatory time.

Motions were made on all the ordinances that waived the required three-reading rule and were unanimously adopted.

Mayor Robin Reames also told the council that she received a call from a representative of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) advising her that a representative of that agency would like to come to the village and conduct a tree assessment. Mayor Reames asked the council for permission to continue the dialogue to get that set up, and the council approved that request.

After the legislative portion of the meeting, Mayor Reames and several council members expressed their thanks for the volunteers that put in hundreds of manhours in the days after the storm.

Mayor Reames spoke about the storm response that she witnessed firsthand: 

She also talked about what she sees for the future: 

The Russells Point Council will meet on April 15, 2024, at 7:00 PM at the village building.