Issue 1 fails in Ohio; voters wrap around two blocks in Bellefontaine


State numbers say Issue 1 has failed in the Buckeye State 61% to 39%.  The declaration was made around 9:00 after the first 1,000,000 votes were counted.

Locally, voters came out in droves to make their voice heard.  The Board of Elections was the only place to vote in the special election.  As the day went on, the crowd increased.  By the end of the day the line had reached nearly two blocks with voters waiting over an hour to cast their ballot.

Board of Elections Deputy Director, Adam Brannon, said that the last person in line at 7:30 PM wasl still allowed to vote.

Brannon explains that the Elections Office wasn’t expecting turnout to be as large in number compared to last year and gives an approximate number of citizens that have already voted: