West Liberty Council Discusses Water Main Breaks & Solar Eclipse


The West Liberty Village Council met in a regular session on Monday, March 13th.

Councilwoman, Jayne Griffith, provided an update on fundraisers for the Columbus Street Bridge and informed Council that the structural engineers will be giving an evaluation of the bridge deck as soon as the weather gets warmer.

An update was given to Council regarding the water main breaks in the village. Superintendent Hudson’s notes to the Board of Public Affairs were shared with Council. Residents with water or sewer issues are asked to contact the Board of Public Affairs to resolve any concerns. The Board of Public Affairs is elected separately from the Council.

There was a discussion regarding the planning for April 8, 2024, Solar Eclipse and how the council can work with Logan and Champaign counties. Future meetings for both counties regarding the planning for this event will be on the website and the Town Hall sign for public involvement in this major event.

The Village is still waiting on a proposal from Liberty Township regarding the Town Hall. A review of the property, and other taxes paid to the township, was discussed.

The Registered Contractors list can be found at My West Libertyunder the resident tab, then click government. Clerk Cindy Boyd said that 27 contractors are registered and residents may also stop in her office to see contact information on the individual contractors.

There is a meeting scheduled for March 14 with the Land Bank for further discussion regarding asbestos removal at the old elementary building on West Columbus Street. Information regarding this will be discussed at the next council meeting on March 27, 2023, at 7 PM.