Multiple drivers busted for OVI over the weekend


Local law enforcement nabbed three impaired drivers over the weekend.

Sunday morning, the Bellefontaine Police Department pulled over Joseph E. Davis, 25, on South Main Street. Police noticed a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his vehicle.

Davis denied drinking and then admitted to having two or three beers.

He was given a field sobriety test and then told officers that he had too much to drink.

Davis was placed under arrest and transported to the Bellefontaine Police Department where he provided a breath sample of .205.

He was charged with two counts of OVI (one having a BAC over .17) and released to a sober driver.

Saturday night police were called to Rite Aid on South Main where they found Shelia Beach-Lee slumped over her steering wheel.

Officers had to wake her up and immediately smelled an alcoholic beverage.

She told police she was waiting for her husband to pick her up and that she had too much to drink.

An eye witness told officers Beach-Lee was driving the wrong way on Auburn Avenue before pulling into the Rite Aid parking lot.

Beach-Lee was unable to perform field sobriety tests.

She vomited twice in the parking lot.

The was arrested and taken to the Bellefontaine Police Department.

She refused to give breath samples but did admit to consuming several vodka cranberry drinks.

She was charged with OVI and driving the wrong way on a one-way street.

The Logan County Sheriff’s Office observed a vehicle passing the vehicle in front of it and traveling at 72 mph on Route 68 near Township Road 199 Saturday evening around 6:30.

A traffic stop was initiated near South Main Street and Gunntown Road.

As officers informed Jerrod Deskins, 46, of the reason for stopping him, he winced at the speed he was traveling.

As deputies asked him if he consumed alcohol or illegal drugs, he stated no, and said he was on his way to work at the rest stop on Route 33.

Deputies detected the odor of marijuana permeating from the inside of the vehicle. They asked him to step out for a search.

Deskins said he last smoked marijuana before he left his house, fifteen minutes prior to interacting with the police officer.

He said that a “bowl” of marijuana was inside his book bag and that he had marijuana on his person.

After a pat down was performed, officers located small plastic containers that were placed into evidence.

He performed field sobriety tests and failed.

Deskins was placed under arrest.

He was charged with speeding, OVI, and there will be possible pending charges.

The report will be sent to the Municipal Court and the Bellefontaine City Prosecutor’s Office for their review.