West Liberty-Salem Students Receive White Tiger Awards


West Liberty-Salem High School held its annual White Tiger Award Ceremony on Friday, April 12th.

The White Tiger Award is presented to students in grades 9-12 who work hard, have a great attitude, give from the heart, and are a positive role model for other students.

Like a white tiger, these students are rare, and this ceremony is all about celebrating the unique impact they’ve had on the staff member who nominated them.

This year a total of 21 students were honored by a teacher or staff member.

Each White Tiger recipient qualifies for a scholarship provided by the Angie Warye Foundation.

In addition to recognition and scholarship potential, each student receives a certificate and a letter written by the nominating staff member.

Congratulations to the following recipients:

  • Cara Deam nominated by Mr. John Stoner
  • Grant Saylor nominated by Mr. John Stoner
  • Emma Bails nominated by Mr. Brian Yoder
  • Bryant Eaton nominated by Mr. Wolf
  • Wyatt Bell nominated by Ms. Haney
  • Sari Kitchen nominated by Ms. Haney
  • Dylan Wing nominated by Mr. Lynxwiler
  • Cali Benavides nominated by Mr. McGill
  • Owen Deere nominated by Mrs. Neer
  • Lincoln Henderson nominated by Mr. Cotrell
  • Addyson Mattox nominated by Mrs. Roberts
  • Hattie Jacobs nominated by Mrs. Harman
  • Natalie Fish nominated by Mrs. Arnold
  • Gavyn Greenhill nominated by Mr. Waibel
  • Alec Putt nominated by Mr. Stormes
  • Eli Campbell nominated by Mrs. Bragg
  • Wyatt Zinn nominated by Mrs. Moell
  • Tommi Payne nominated by Mrs. Seymour
  • Alli Ferryman nominated by Mrs. Lenk
  • Eli Bell nominated by Mrs. Havens
  • Jaycee Yelton nominated by Mrs. Havens