Aggressive Passenger Arrested


Deputies from the Logan County Sheriff’s Office responded to an accident just outside of Belle Center Saturday evening.

Sammantha Holmes, 26, of Lorain was walking across the road when deputies arrived on the scene.

She told them that she had telephoned a friend, and they were en route to help pull her vehicle out of the field.

Holmes was advised by deputies that a tow truck would be needed to pull the vehicle out.

Sammantha then became belligerent, yelling profanities at law enforcement.

Deputies advised Sammantha that if she did not calm down that she would be placed under arrest.

The driver of the vehicle, Dionte Holmes attempted to calm down Sammantha when she again became belligerent.

Dionte then attempted to stop Sammantha from advancing toward deputies, when she spun away from him, striking him in the face.

Sammantha was then placed under arrest, charged with Disorderly Conduct and Domestic Violence, and transported to the Logan County Jail.

Dionte was charged with Driving Under Suspension.