Missing Band Funds Being Investigated After Directors Sudden Retirement


Late Tuesday afternoon Bellefontaine City Schools Superintendent Brad Hall addressed the sudden retirement of longtime BHS Band Director Jeremy Karg with staff members.

Superintendent Hall sent the following memo: “Late last school year concerns were raised that deposits regarding Band funds had not been made at all, in a timely manner, or with funds missing. Those concerns continued throughout the summer to the point where the district was unable to get the issues resolved with Mr. Karg. A meeting was scheduled in late August to meet with Mr. Karg to give him the opportunity to respond to those concerns. It was at that time that Mr. Karg made the decision to resign due to retirement prior to the meeting. The district has been working with the Bellefontaine Police Department and will continue to cooperate with their investigation. I have also submitted a report to the Ohio Department of Education’s Office of Professional Conduct. Due to your association with the Bellefontaine City School District, you may be asked to comment on this issue. Please refer all requests for official comments to me.”

Superintendent Hall made this official statement:

The Bellefontaine Police Department has reported that on Tuesday, August 29th Detectives Peterson & Salyer were called to the Bellefontaine Board of Education in regard to an internal theft.

The report then initiated an investigation.

This story will be updated as details are released.