Bellefontaine man arrested for aggravated menacing of a 13-year-old


The Bellefontaine Police received a call Saturday night in reference to a man with a gun threatening a 13-year-old boy.

Police spoke to the boy who told them he was waiting for his friend outside in the 600 block of North Madriver Street when a man approached him and ask for his name.  That man was Rush Eichholtz III, who lives at 601 North Madriver.  According to the boy, Eichholtz asked him a few questions and started talking “all weird” and was talking slowly and deeply.  He then said to the boy “I’ll be real honest with you. I do got a gun and I will shoot you.”

The boy told police he never saw a gun, but said that Eichholtz had his hand deep in his pocket and at one point said Eichholtz lifted his shirt as if he was trying to show the firearm.  He then quickly rode away on his bicycle and told his mom what happened.

He told police he felt threatened by the comments and did believe Eichholtz would shoot him.  The police report states the boy was visibly shaken.

A neighbor reported seeing Eichholtz speaking to the boy, but never saw a gun.

Officers went to speak with Eichholtz at his home.  Eichholtz let them in and then stated to someone inside to “get the gun”.  Police asked why he would say that and Eichholtz said he did not know who they were.  Eichholtz admitted to going outside and talking with the boy but denied having a gun or threatening the boy.

Police then contacted the Bellefontaine Municipal Prosecutor in reference to the incident and it was determined based on the events that Eichholtz would be charged with aggravated menacing.  He was placed under arrest.  Police did locate a firearm inside on the kitchen table.  It was placed into police evidence.