Bellefontaine Parks Board Plans Ring of Lights


By: Izik Z. Cox


The Bellefontaine Joint Recreation District Board of Trustees gathered together at the Bellefontaine City Council Chambers.

President Pat Ellis called the meeting to order at 7:00 and started by approving the September Meeting minutes, along with the approval of various paid bills for September 2023.

Falls Sports were discussed, and with the end of football and soccer season in sight; Park board members prepare for Winter sports ahead.

On the 21st of October, the board plans to host the annual “Ring of Lights” event commencing at the Bellefontaine High School side of Blue Jacket Park.

The event is for ages preschool through 2nd grade and is free and open to the public.

Superintendant Kris Myers has more on the matter:

In other business, the spraying of roundup continues at Camp Myeerah and plans to be wrapped up by Wednesday Evening.

The Log Cabin on the Myeerah property also has restoration in progress.

The Hoffman pool raked in a staggering $91,000+ dollars over the 2023 summer season, with visitations slightly decreasing throughout the colder segments of the summer.

The board was happy with how often the pool was open and expressed the importance of the water being available for Bellefontaine residents, and surrounding areas.

All 12 CBC Division Cross County Teams will be hosted at Southview Park on Saturday the 14th for a running event.

Southview also has recently received newly painted parking lines in the lots.