Bellefontaine teen arrested for criminal damaging and underage consumption


Officers from the Bellefontaine Police Department were dispatched to the 1300 block of South Detroit Street to meet with a victim of criminal damaging Wednesday night at 8:40.

The victim stated that Aiden Scott, 18, had busted the back window of their vehicle out with his fist. They said that Scott left the residence, and he had an injury to his hand as it was bleeding when he left the scene.

The victim stated they had returned home from Dollar General and Scott was not at the residence. It was found that Scott was yelling at others outside of the residence. He proceeded to punch their vehicle, shattering the back glass. The victim also stated that when Scott punched the side of their vehicle, they called 911, and he left on foot.

Two witnesses said they were watching TV at their home when Scott came in. They stated that Scott started “snooping” in the residence and they told him that he had to go because he appeared to be intoxicated. He was staggering, got offended, and then left. He came back into the home and left after the witnesses told him to leave again. Scott then kicked the outside of their residence, leaving a footprint and a large dent in the exterior of the house. After this incident, he proceeded to the other residence and eventually broke the window.

Scott was located in the 800 block of South Main Street. He was belligerent and had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on him. His hand was busted open, and he was covered in blood. Scott was screaming, yelling, and cursing.

A medic arrived on scene and Scott did not want to go to Mary Rutan Hospital to have his hand cared for, but he was eventually transported.

Scott was transported to the Logan County Jail without getting his hand treated at the hospital due to his belligerence. He was extremely combative and threatening.

Scott was lodged in jail for criminal damaging and underage consumption.

This report is being forwarded to the Bellefontaine Municipal Prosecutor.