City of Bellefontaine Leaf Pick Up: South of Columbus Avenue and East of Main Street


The office of the Service-Saftey Director for the City of Bellefontaine, Wes Dodds, announces the annual leaf pick-up schedule:

October 26, 27 & 30: South of Columbus Avenue and East of Main Street

Important reminders:

  • Leaves need to be piled in the boulevard, or as close to the street as possible, but not in the street or on the sidewalk.
  • Please do not park your vehicles in front of the piles, where our leaf machine cannot get to the leaves.
  • No other materials such as branches, brush, or trash can be picked up by the leaf machine.
  • No bags will be accepted.
  • Remember, by law, the regular refuse collection is not allowed to pick up leaves or any other yard waste.
  • Per City ordinance 521.12: No person shall deposit, permit or allow any grass clippings, shrub or brush trimmings, flowers or any material on any street or alley which might wash into or clog any storm sewer.