Juvenile arrested for domestic violence and felonious assault


Officers from the Bellefontaine Police Department were dispatched to 1600 South Detroit Street in reference to a domestic dispute Monday morning around 2:20.

While en route, officers were told that a 16-year-old male was being held to the ground by his grandfather because he had been assaulting a family or household member. Dispatch said that the juvenile had used a letter opener to stab the same family or household member.

Upon arrival at the apartment, the juvenile, identified as Bravery Cushwa, 16, of Dennison, was no longer being held down and was standing close to his grandfather.

Cushwa explained that his grandfather had taken him to visit his uncle Sunday evening, and they were not back to the apartment by the time he was to take his prescription medication for multiple different mental health issues. He stated they attempted to call his mother to get the medication to him but were not able to get a hold of her. Once they were back at the apartment, he was told to take his medication and an argument ensued.

During the argument, Cushwa stated the victim began to yell and hit him. He said he defended himself and started hitting the victim back. The grandfather got involved and began holding Cushwa to the ground. The victim began to kick him in the face and strangled him with both hands.

A witness said that Cushwa had also threatened to burn their apartment down during the altercation in which the grandfather agreed with the statement.

The witnesses to the incident explained that Cushwa was told it was time for bed an argument began. He began threatening to sew the victim’s mouth shut with a needle and thread. Cushwa got into a witness’s face and began yelling at her. At that point, the victim intervened and told him to take his medication and go to bed. Cushwa then began yelling and kicked the victim. A physical altercation took place. The victim was knocked to the ground and Cushwa began punching him in the face. The grandfather attempted to control Cushwa but he continued to fight.

Cushwa was placed under arrest for domestic violence and felonious assault. He was transported to the Central Ohio Youth Center and lodged.

The victim had a cut under the eye and a cut in the palm of the hand. The cut on the victim’s hand is believed to be from a weapon he used, but it was undetermined if he used a letter opener or a box cutter.

Officers were told that Cushwa has pending cases in Tuscarawas County for arson and attempted murder after an altercation with the same victim at their home.

This report will be forwarded to the Logan County Juvenile Court.